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Corporate Philosophy

  1. To create products using the traditional techniques and the highest quality, genuine materials (Urushi and gold powder).
  2. To create new and varied Maki-e Art whilst respecting and following the traditional styles, methods, and knowledge.
  3. To distribute the beautiful and timeless art of Maki-e locally and internationally.
HANADA & Co.,Ltd.
CEO: Keiichi Hanada

About us

Company Name
HANADA & Co.,Ltd.
Paid-up capital
Japanese yen10.000.000
Keiichi Hanada
November 1st ,2006
Products planning, production and wholesale of Urushi/Maki-e (Japanese traditional craft works)
895-33 Araku, Iruma-city, Saitama Pref. 358-0031 Japan

Our Services


Original brand products planning, production, wholesale of Urushi/Maki-e fountain pen, jewelry and other products
OEM products planning

Maki-e products